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The Diocese of Nashville provides this as a learning tool for staff, volunteers and others to learn about child abuse and neglect and our duty to report. 
Our goal is to provide a safe and protective environment by learning the signs of abuse and neglect; learning how to respond and what your duties are according to state law and diocesan policies.
Sexual abuse includes non-touching offenses.
Sexual abuse includes touching offenses.
Sexual abuse includes exploitation.
You may become aware of the abuse by observing certain physical indicators.
There are also behaviors that may indicate a child’s exposure to sexual abuse.
The parent/caregiver may show characteristics.
Another type of abuse is physical abuse.
We know that children are bruised during normal activities.  These bruises, when consistent with the story, would not be reported.
Other bruises are not consistent with normal childhood activity. Please consider the cause of the bruise and consult your supervisor about the need t report.
Bruises may be consistent with pinching and often appear on the outside of the body.