Catechetical Formation

Catechist Formation and Certification

Catechist Formation is a process through which a catechist completes requirements and earns the title of Certified Catechist. The requirements are determined by the Diocesan Office of Catechetical Formation.

Like all Christians, catechists are called to continual conversion and growth in their faith. To provide the ongoing spiritual formation needed to nurture this growth, the Diocese of Nashville, in collaboration with Aquinas College, offers a Catechetical Formation Program for adults.

The Catechetical Formation Program offers catechists the opportunity to learn from systematic continuing education in the truths of the Catholic faith.  Catechists who complete the Catechetical Formation Program requirements earn the title of Certified Catechist.

The local leadership and management of Catechist Formation belongs to the parish Director/Coordinator of Religious Education and the principal of the Catholic School. The leader initiates this process by:

  1. Educating the catechists in regard to the importance of ongoing formation and the necessity of working toward certification.
  2. Encouraging participation in the Diocesan Catechetical Formation Program.
  3. Offering opportunities for formation either at parish or diocesan events
  4. Providing guidance to the catechists regarding their selection of formation
  5. events so that their choices fit their personal needs and their catechetical ministry.
  6. Reviews the catechist’s Catechetical Formation Program Portfolio once completing the program.  It is the catechist’s responsibility to monitor and maintain their progress through the program.
  7. Forwarding the proper application to the Diocesan Office of Catechetical Formation for issuance of the Certified Catechist Certificate.